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About us

Henan Sinobrother 7099677.comZO0KFACEBOOK人狗马 7099677.com
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7099677.com 2020-04-23 Technology is a subsidiary company of Henan Brothers Group, a company which providing a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment’s serviced in the field of Life Science, Food, Polymer, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical And Petrochemical Industries, also in Educational Institutes and Research Laboratories. 

Sinobrother is adhering to provide customers with professional, sincere and trustworthy products and services. Sinobrother not only provides good value products but also caters the unique demands of individual customer.  

Our product range includes:
Lab equipment: Rotary Evaporator, Glass Reactor, Chiller, Vacuum Pump, Autoclaves, Centrifuges, Freezers and Freeze dryers, Biological safety cabinets and Fume-hoods, Incubators, Microscope Analytical instruments: Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer and Spectrometers
Lab supplies: Cell culture products, Liquid Handling, Laboratory plastic-wares and Consumables
General lab product: Bottles and Beakers, Measuring cylinders and Reservoirs, Test tubes and Petri-dish, Flask and Containers

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified company and our Products are CE approved. 

"Customers first, Quality best" is our purpose. We assure the quality and durability of all our products, as each product is individually checked and inspected by our proficient technicians before dispatching the consignment.

Contact Us

Contact: Ms. Bonnie Zhu

Phone: +86-0371-61287805 / 56609998

Tel: +86-186 38020655

Add: NO. 33 Jinsuo Road, High Tech Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.